Payment Enquiries and Operations

  You could use this screen to enquire about the payment status of the domain names of which you are the authorized contact. You are also able to perform your payments for the ones you select. Please note that the payments made by credit card will be processed through a secure link.

Previous Payments of Contact

  You could see the sum of your previous payments on this screen and print it out. All the payments for the domain names for which you are authorized could be found here.

Previous Payments of Domain Name

  You could use this screen in order to enquire about the financial records regarding domain names and you could print the report out.

Proforma Invoice

  You could obtain a proforma invoice before you make your payment through this screen.

Invoice Copy

  You could use this screen to attain a copy of the invoice that is sent to your adress.
Domain Name Fees

  You can reach the ".tr" You could access to the domain name price table for the new period under this title, and see the difference between domain names grouped as document(s) required /no document required and approved/not approved.


.tr Domain Name Service is provided by the Middle East Technical University in accordence with the determined rules and confidentiality policies.