Nic-handle Registration

  You need to have a nic-handle in order to perform the domain name operations. You could obtain a nic-handle which you will be using for all your DNS operations by using this wizard.

Nic-handle Verification

  As the second step of the nic-handle registration process, you must perform the e-mail address verification operation by using this wizard. Your nic-handle will not function unless it is verified.

Contact Enquiry

  You must use this screen to enquiry about contact records. You could enquiry regarding a name, a company name or a nic-handle and you could access to detailed information about their records.

Change Password

  If you forget your password or wish to change it, please use this wizard.

Remind Password

  If you could not remember your password, please determine another one and ensure that your new password is sent to your e-mail address by using this wizard.

Nic-handle Information Update

  You could view and update your recorded information in our system by using this wizard. It is absolutely vital that your recorded information is kept up-to-date since we communicate our users about the domain names using their recorded information.

Domain Name Resignation

  You could resign from your technical or payment contact position through this screen. If such is the case, the administrative contact of the domain name is authorized to take over the position as well as to assign a new technical or payment contact any time.


.tr Domain Name Service is provided by the Middle East Technical University in accordence with the determined rules and confidentiality policies.