Authorization Form

".tr" Domain Name Administration started to use an enhanced system with effect from 25th of May 2003 which is an electronic, web-based system and based on the domain name owners' security ( https://www.nic.tr) . Therefore, the domain name owners must authorize the administrative, technical and payment contacts of the domain name by associating them with the new system in order to perform any operations. T he domain names that have been applied for and assigned through the old system will not function unless they are associated with the new system.

Authorizing the Contacts

First of all, you must attain new nic-handle(s) and then, you must authorize the administrative, payment and technical contacts by filling in the "Authorization Form" in .doc. or PDF format with the new nic-handle(s).

*Please take the information below into consideration while assigning the contacts.

Administrative Contact: Administrative contact represents the domain name in the ".tr" Domain Name Administration system and has the widest authority in terms of performing any operations and changes related to a domain name. It is also authorized to appoint and change the technical and payment contacts, and to approve deleting a domain name.

Payment Contact: Payment contact is responsible for payment and the invoice operations. All the invoice information is arranged according to payment contact’s details. For this reason, you must enter the payment contact’s information according to how would you like us to issue your invoice.

Technical Contact: Technical contact is authorized to change DNS server operations.

Once the associating process is successfully concluded, all the operations will be conducted by the authorized contacts .

Please pay extra attention to the following points while filling in the form
  • Please do not to leave any area blank while filling in the form.
  • You are required to print the form on the letterhead paper of your organization.
  • Please do not forget to fill in the name/surname of the authorized person of the organization, to stamp and sign the document.
  • If the application is for an individual, the form must be filled in electronically and a copy of the identification certificate must be submitted along the form.
  • You could submit the form that you filled in via web or fax. Please be aware that documents sent through web process faster. To submit your form through web, you should use the "Submit Document" link in the "Domain Name Operations" menu. If not please fax your documents on +90-312-210-0066 ve +90-312-210-0067, +90-312-210-3333.
  • The forms that do not meet the above criteria will not be proccessed.
  • Fields marked with (*) are mandatory to fill in.
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Adobe PDF (247)


.tr Domain Name Service is provided by the Middle East Technical University in accordence with the determined rules and confidentiality policies.