Application Status Enquiry

  You could use this screen to obtain information about the status of the applications you made for domain name registration.

Domain Name Enquiry

  You could use this screen to inquiry about a domain name. You could find out whether the domain name is registered, if so, detailed information about the domain name such as contacts and the DNS servers of the domain name.

Domain Name Administrative Records

   On this screen, you could display all the previous administrative operations performed of a domain name, including the contact/s and DNS server changes.

Previous Payments of Domain Name

  You could use this screen in order to enquire about the financial records regarding domain names and you could print the report out.

Contact Enquiry

  You must use this screen to enquiry about contact records. You could enquiry regarding a name, a company name or a nic-handle and you could access to detailed information about their records.

Domain Names of Which You Are the Contact

  You can use this screen to find out the domain names of which you are the contact.

Suspended Domain Names

  You could access to the list of suspended domain names of which that you are the administrative, technical or payment contact through this screen.

List of Domains Registered on a DNS Server

  You could use this screen to attain a list of all the domain names that have a connection with a DNS server.

Objection List

  The domains that could be objected against are displayed on the objection list.

List of Deleted Domain Names

  You could reach the list of deleted domain names and those which are in the process of supension through this screen.

My Pending Applications



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